Laundry Basket Review


I have a weakness for anything in the “Home and Kitchen”category. I could probably spend millions if I got the chance! I also have a weakness for anything that makes my life easier, and this lovely laundry basket does both. The size is just right to be full of clothes and it not be heavy and it holds a large load of clothes. The rope handles are nice and thick and I don’t see the knots coming undone. The top has some fabric and a draw string to close it if you like and it closes small enough that nothing can fall out. There is some assembly required but it isn’t really hard to put together at all and they lay it out very simply on the insert. Tip #4 is great! “It maybe difficult to install, please keep smiling.” A few words of encouragement never hurts! If being super cute isn’t the icing on the cake, the two garment bags that came with it are! How thoughtful that was to include these and they are larger than any I have ever used (YAY!) and are made just as well as the hamper. These are definitely an awesome addition to laundry time! If you would like to check it out, I have included the link below.

I received this product at a discount for review purposes:)


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