Ammiy Oval Makeup Brushes


I had been seeing these brushes pop up everywhere so I just had to see what the fuss was all about  I was pretty surprised that they totally  lived up to the hype! So many beauty products and accessories trend and fade quickly, but I don’t see that happening with these at all. Since I was going in blind (my 19 year old teaches me all the new makeup tricks and these are new to her too) I looked up a few different video tutorials. What I left with was that these brushes aren’t necessarily assigned to a specific product. I saw a few variations. So this is how my experience went. In the pictures I layed the brush next to the product I used. The largest oval brush I used for loose powder but I think the fibers are too dense for that. No loss though, because I think it will be excellent for moisturizer.  The second to largest I used for foundation and I will never ever use anything else again! I got the smoothest, most even coverage! It was definitely the closest to airbrush I have achieved and it used less makeup. The 2 beside each other both work great for blush. The next picture shows a great concealer brush and the brushes I used for eyeshadow. One lady commented that these brushes tend to push the eyeshadow down better on the eye resulting in little to no loose shadow under the eye. Completely true!  The last picture shows the brush I used to blend the eye makeup. In the last picture is a brush that would be great for lips and eyebrows. I am just thrilled with the results of these and I think you will be too! Below is the link to them if you want to check them out!

I received this product for testing purposes 😊





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