Jusfitsu Women’s Turtleneck Sweater Dress


I love sweater dresses! Not only are they super cute, they are super comfortable and they can be dressed up or kept casual. This one is so soft, even in the inside where it is sewn. There is nothing worse that having an itchy seam. It is light weight so it can be worn in cool or cooler weather or just add a jacket for colder temperatures. While it was not long enough to be a dress, it makes a cute shirt and pairs great with leggings. It does run a little small, so I would order a size up or if you want it to be more like a dress, 2 sizes up. All in all, though, I was pleased with the shirt and so is my daughter. If you would like to check it out, the link is below.

I received this product for testing purposes 😊



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Onlyyou Blackout Curtain


I don’t usually order curtains online because I have not had the greatest experiences in the past. Due to lack of options in stores here and lack of time, I decided to try my chances online. I’m glad I did. These curtains are exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a pretty, light blue curtain that would keep the sun out when needed for my son’s room. The color was exactly what I wanted and I love that they allow the room to be dark during nap time. It makes all the difference! They are very well made and the stitching is nice and straight all the way around. It had some wrinkles at first bug they have been falling out pretty quick. Now that I know what kind of curtains these are, I will definitely be ordering another panel for his room. If you would like to check them out, the link is below.

I received this product for testing purposes 😊


Ammiy Oval Makeup Brushes


I had been seeing these brushes pop up everywhere so I just had to see what the fuss was all about  I was pretty surprised that they totally  lived up to the hype! So many beauty products and accessories trend and fade quickly, but I don’t see that happening with these at all. Since I was going in blind (my 19 year old teaches me all the new makeup tricks and these are new to her too) I looked up a few different video tutorials. What I left with was that these brushes aren’t necessarily assigned to a specific product. I saw a few variations. So this is how my experience went. In the pictures I layed the brush next to the product I used. The largest oval brush I used for loose powder but I think the fibers are too dense for that. No loss though, because I think it will be excellent for moisturizer.  The second to largest I used for foundation and I will never ever use anything else again! I got the smoothest, most even coverage! It was definitely the closest to airbrush I have achieved and it used less makeup. The 2 beside each other both work great for blush. The next picture shows a great concealer brush and the brushes I used for eyeshadow. One lady commented that these brushes tend to push the eyeshadow down better on the eye resulting in little to no loose shadow under the eye. Completely true!  The last picture shows the brush I used to blend the eye makeup. In the last picture is a brush that would be great for lips and eyebrows. I am just thrilled with the results of these and I think you will be too! Below is the link to them if you want to check them out!

I received this product for testing purposes 😊





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Laundry Basket Review


I have a weakness for anything in the “Home and Kitchen”category. I could probably spend millions if I got the chance! I also have a weakness for anything that makes my life easier, and this lovely laundry basket does both. The size is just right to be full of clothes and it not be heavy and it holds a large load of clothes. The rope handles are nice and thick and I don’t see the knots coming undone. The top has some fabric and a draw string to close it if you like and it closes small enough that nothing can fall out. There is some assembly required but it isn’t really hard to put together at all and they lay it out very simply on the insert. Tip #4 is great! “It maybe difficult to install, please keep smiling.” A few words of encouragement never hurts! If being super cute isn’t the icing on the cake, the two garment bags that came with it are! How thoughtful that was to include these and they are larger than any I have ever used (YAY!) and are made just as well as the hamper. These are definitely an awesome addition to laundry time! If you would like to check it out, I have included the link below.


I received this product at a discount for review purposes:)